The 5 R's of Gut Health

Gut Health

At Simply Nutrition we truly believe a healthy gut is the cornerstone of good health. When our gut is damaged or not functioning properly we can experience a cascade of effects that can extend beyond gastrointestinal issues. While constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and chronic stomach aches can signal problems in our guts, other systems or organs can also be affected by an unhealthy GI system.

Symptoms including skin issues, autoimmune diseases and chronic fatigue can signal that the gut is not functioning properly. Often times, we begin to experience symptoms because of undetected food sensitivities that can cause chronic inflammation and damage our microbiome over time. For more information on food sensitivities see our FAQ’s.

Gut Health
Gut Health

Our Gut Health Programs are based on the 5 R’s of functional nutrition. Functional nutrition involves looking deep into our own bodies for answers and addressing the root cause of disease rather than trying to mask or ignore symptoms. With functional nutrition we examine diet and family history, labs, environmental stressors, medications-all factors that can impact health-to be able to treat you as a whole.

Five R’s of Functional Nutrition:

  • Remove - Removing foods that could potentially be causing symptoms for a period of time and slowly reintroducing to determine tolerance.
    • Gut Rehab - A general elimination diet that removes top GI stressors - including gluten, dairy, corn, soy and added sugars. View our 6-week Gut Rehab Program
      • If there is an autoimmune component to your diagnosis, additional foods may need to be eliminated
    • MRT – A guided elimination diet based on a comprehensive food sensitivity test
      • MRT test looks at 150 foods to determine exactly what foods cause you to react. Learn more about MRT
  • Replace - Adding back in digestive aids that may have been affected by diet, medications, diseases or other factors

  • Repopulate - Fueling the gut with “good bugs.” The gut is full of good and bad bugs and when bad bugs outnumber the good bugs, we can see dysbiosis occur
    • Probiotics- Helping repopulating your gut by giving it more “good bugs” or friendly bacteria
    • Prebiotics-Feeding friendly bacteria in the form of prebiotics to help them grow and flourish
  • Repair - Giving the gut targeted nutrients can help it heal faster

  • Restore - Balancing exercise, sleep and stress can improve gut function