GI issues can really put a cramp in your style

If you've ever experienced acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, or other gastrointestinal issues (and who hasn't?!) our Gut Rehab was MADE for you.

The Gut Rehab group is a supportive virtual community dedicated to helping individuals struggling with gastrointestinal issues to heal through step by step nutritional changes.

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It's time to start feeling better.

Have you been dealing with seemingly random and unrelated symptoms (sometimes downright embarrassing) like feeling sluggish and tired or experiencing acne, headaches or gastrointestinal issues?

You want to feel better but you aren't sure where to start.

You've done the research, maybe even experimented with elimination style diets - but it's overwhelming. There's just too much (and at times contradicting) information to process.

Or WORSE. You've gotten the run around or a vague diagnosis with even more vague treatment.


Put the 5 R's to work
for your health

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The Magic is in the Details:

We get it. You just want to feel better and you crave a step by step process that REALLY works & is easy to implement and sustain. We designed GUT REHAB because we know what works and we wanted to eliminate the guess work. Bonus Points? We added a virtual community so you can connect with others that share your struggles-but more importantly, will celebrate your success as you work your way through our 6 module program.

Want More Magic? You also get:

-access to our digital app that allows our dietitians to see (and comment on!) your nutrition log in REAL TIME

-VIP access to our virtual community through various channels (Private Slack channel, a closed Facebook Group, GetHealthie)

-6 Step by Step, work at your own pace virtual modules lead by a master level Registered Dietitian (and Functional Nutrition+Gut Health Extraordinaire!)

-Meal Prep "must have's" like suggested foods list, recipes, and meal planning suggestions/grocery lists

-RD curated supplement recs + access to our online dispensary that will save you a ton of cash. All supplements are not created equal. REALLY important that you use reputable brands that provide the most bioavailable forms produced by reputable brands.

Note: We designed the program as a 6 week program, but we know that life can get messy. So you pay the same price, no matter how long it takes you to complete the program. Once you graduate, we will give you the option to join our alumni group for continued support and community.

Invest in yourself

A healthy gut is the cornerstone of good health. The 6-week Gut Rehab program is a small investment in a healthier rest of your life.


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